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The Three Wise Men Parade in Igualada has been organized since its origins by a private entity who offers this celebration to the entire town, it does not matter the ideology or religion of the people. It is held by personal contributions, volunteers, other entities, industries, shops and the support of Igualada's Town Council.

Since 1899 to 1936 the Catholic Centre was in charge of organizing this feast, facing up to different political states and different thoughts.

In 1941 the National Centre and Catholic Action (Centro Nacional y Accion Católica ) took charge of the organization. Some years later the Commission for the Three Wise Men Procession started to organize it.

In 1999 the Commission for the Three Wise Men Procession created Igualada's Private Foundation for the Three Wise Men (Fundació Privada Reis d'Igualada ) in order to improve its internal structure and organization. They adapted this feast to the current times, but always keeping its original sense.

Comissió Cavalcada dels Reis d'Igualada, F.P.


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La Festa dels Reis d'Igualada, és una Festa tradicional que any rere any es va adaptant als nous temps, aconseguint que, tot i mantenint el seu esperit, cada generació d'igualdins se la ...
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Comissió Cavalcada dels Reis d’Igualada, F.P
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Comissió cavalcada dels Reis d’Igualada