Only they remain 74 days

The three wise men

Reis Mags d´Igualada 2019 - Foto: Manel Caballé

The Three Wise Men visit all the cities in the world on 5th January at night and give out thousands of presents. They do it because they strongly believe that no matter the age, or if you are the oldest of the family or you have many brothers and sisters; the important thing is to make everybody feel hopeful and joyful.

This hope they see on your faces reminds them of the satisfaction they felt when they followed the star, arrived in Bethlehem and gave their presents to Baby Jesus.

Melchior, Gaspar, Balthazar and I, Patge Faruk, know that when the pages arrive in your houses all the emotions in the family flow, since receiving a present is as important as preparing this visit, with the same hope that we have been doing it for more than a century.

Their Majesties frequently tell me that they love to come to Igualada, walk along the streets of your town on their floats full of lights, wearing those fancy dresses you offer to them. You are lucky because in here pages visit you at home, and this does not happen everywhere. Maybe this is why you live this night so intensively. We encourage you to continue enjoying this holiday.


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