Only they remain 74 days

Patge Faruk

I am Patge Faruk, the ambassador of the Three Wise Men in Igualada.

I welcome you and invite you to visit this site, where you can find all the information about the different events of this big feast celebrated in Igualada for the arrival of Their Majesties Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar.

I would like this site to become useful for those people from Igualada, or not, who experience, or have ever experienced, this celebration, these days that you will keep in your memory forever.

Remember that I arrive every December 28th , looking forward to meeting you again. I stay in the Anoia region to help to improve your behaviour, if necessary, until the magical night of January 5th , when Their Majesties arrive.


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I have come to Igualada since 1943, invited by Mr. Lluis Valls, from Igualada. My arrival on December 28th , with a lot of pages, reminds you that the Three Wise Men are about to arrive and I also give you some advice about what pleases us and your relatives.

In order to do a good job I have two books: a white one and a black one. On the white one I write down the name of the children who behave. I think it is not necessary to say what I write on the black one, is it? That's right: I write down the names of those who have something to improve. However, what I want is that everybody gets a present at the Three Wise Men night. So if children do what I tell them to do, I will write their names on the white book.

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The best way to know what the Three Wise Men like is asking your parents and grandparents. You must always obey them. I will talk to some of you through Igualada's radio, telling you what you must improve. Come and meet me on January 1st . Give me the letters that you have written to the Three Wise Men telling them what you want for Christmas.

In igualada and its region, l'Anoia, I have always been really well welcomed. I feel proud of coming every year. I tenderly remember the feeling of meeting again the elderly from Sant Crist and other old people's homes. I love to see how their faces show the same joy as children.

I really love to hear my hymn when I arrive, with lyrics written by Lluís Valls, and composed by Joan Just in 1953. Most of you know it by heart.

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