Only they remain 74 days

Prepare the letter

La carta que más ayuda a los "Reis d'Igualada".

Patges amb cartes

To communicate with people who are far from us we need to do it writing, graphically, electronically…

I, Patge Faruk, am the middleman between children and the Three Wise Men. Children have to write a letter in which they explain how they have behaved for the last year and what they want as a present for that. This is why the Commission for the Three Wise Men Procession annually creates an exclusive model for the letter so children can explain their wishes and at the same time collaborate with the celebration.

On January 1st in the morning children together with their parents and other relatives hand me one by one each letter and, as I am the ambassador for Their Majesties, I give all the letters to the Three Wise Men. While children and relatives wait in the queue, a lot of pages talk to them and give them advice to improve their behaviour.

Cartes rebudes

As Patge Faruk, I keep a personal conversation with every single child so that I know how they behave or if they study enough. I try to correct them for the days left until the Three Wise Men night so I can arrange the arrival of the pages into their homes.

In order to remember this meeting, we give every child an Auca (a story explained through pictures) with drawings and couplets by regional authors, which is different every year. We also give them sweets and some gifts courtesy of the collaborating companies.


History of the letter
The origin of the letter to the Three Wise Men in our celebration is closely related to the first Procession. The first time, in 1898, it was already named in some ...
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