Only they remain 74 days

Presents are coming

Patge pujant amb un regal

One of the most differential characteristics of the Procession in Igualada is, without a doubt, giving out the presents home by home. Since the very beginning, all the pages that follow Their Majesties start to give out the presents. If it is possible, they use bright and colourful ladders. It is amazing to see how surprised children, and even grown-ups, are when they see the pages climbing to their balconies, from where they were watching the Procession.

Once the Procession is over pages get into the trucks that precede the procession and, in about two hours, they give out all the other presents (about 2.300 packages. Some of them, fortunately, are donations).

In order to make possible all this, it is necessary a lot of organization and hard group work to receive and classify all the packages. Since 1986 IT makes this classification easier. The organisation's computer system divides the city into districts, and each district has designated one or more trucks, depending on the amount of packages.

In each truck, provided by companies of our region, there is a responsible from the Commission who correctly organises the delivery.

Magatzem reial

If anyone wants to live in his/her own house the arrival of the pages, he/she just has to bring the packages to the place indicated by the Commission.

Patges descarregant paquets del camió

There you will be given a label for the package with the child's name and the address (you will have a copy with the number of the package and the information written so that you can check that everything is correct). The package will be classified according to the district where you live. For each package a page will come to your house.

In order to cooperate with all the celebration expenses you will have to pay for each package, depending on its size or weight.

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