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History of the dresses

The Three Wise Men Parade of Igualada is also characterized by the showiness of the Three Wise Men and the pages dresses. In the first parade, in 1898, Their Majesties dresses had been made by nuns from MM. Escolàpies and Mare del Diví Pastor . Sandals had been made by Mr. Antoni Miserachs (aka. Tonet, the shoemaker).

Since then, their dresses have been changed and modified many times according to the period of time, place and context. We know that in 1931 the dresses were updated; Balthazar's cloak, completely restored, was not changed until 2006. We have information about updates in 1941, 1948, 1962, when new floats were made, and 1987 (this time designed by Josep and Emili Miramunt). This same year Balthazar's cloak was restored.

In 2007 parade the Three Wise Men wore new dresses. Igualada's designer Sita Murt voluntarily offered to design and make up the new dresses in accordance to the design of the new floats.

Vestit actual del Rei Blanc

The same designer says that Melchior's dress is especially elegant. She highlights that she used dark hues in order to get a contrast with the bright colours. So the clothes are greyish and white ivory but she put gems, especially on the crown, to get a colourful touch in Melchior's dress, which is also decorated with bright and small pearls to make it more elegant.

Vestit actual del Rei Ros

Gaspar's dress is much more sumptuous. It has a reversible golden cloak. Golden colours are combined with purples. He also wears a tulle transparent tunic embroidered with golden thread. All the gems are sewed with the same kind of thread in order to emphasize the black ones.

Vestit actual del Rei Negre

Balthazar's dress is composed by a natural silk coat with a really bulky collar. He also wears a really spectacular tunic as well as a turban with three white feathers decorated with gems that, with the float's light, make light and colourful reflexes.

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