Only they remain 135 days

The floats’ history

Antigament elr Reis arribaven en cavalls

Since the origins of the procession, in 1898, and until 1961, the Three Wise Men arrived in our city riding horses.

Carrossa del Rei ros de l'any 1962

A year after, in 1962, the Three Wise Men arrived in Igualada in magnificent floats paid mainly by personal contributors.

The floats were designed by Antoni Moncunill and lasted until the end of the 70s.

Carrossa del Rei blanc de l’any 1962
Carrossa del Rei negre de l'any 1962

Then at the beginning of the 80s new floats were built: in 1979 Balthazar's one; in 1983 Gaspar's and finally in 1984 Melchior's. They were all designed by Josep Vilanova Lluch.

Carrossa del Rei blanc de l'any 1984
Carrossa del Rei ros de l'any 1983
Carrossa del Rei negre de l'any 1979

In 2004 the Commission for the Three Wise Men Procession (La Comissió Organitzadora de la Cavalcada de Reis ) decided to better themselves and modernize the procession. So in March they announced a competition to design the floats for the Three Wise Men Procession in Igualada. The winner was Mr. Joaquim Budesca, from Vilanova I la Geltrú (Barcelona). He says that these floats are magic, but also didactic: they explain a story to children.

Les carrosses actuals

These floats represent the sun (the white king, or wise man), planets (the blond one) and the moon (the black one). We have to remember that the Three Wise Men were astrologists.

In August the new floats started to be built by Tàsies, a company from our city, and Artilugi, from Sabadell (Barcelona), and under the direction of Mr. Burdesca.

However, the cost was too high. Fortunately, thanks to the disinterested contribution of many people, shops and industries from the town, as well as the benefits from the Rotary Igualada concert and the contribution of the Town Council, the floats could be finally finished.


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