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History of the letter

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The origin of the letter to the Three Wise Men in our celebration is closely related to the first Procession.

The first time, in 1898, it was already named in some texts: “Come on, children, write letters so Their Majesties will fill your shoes that night”.

Those letters were thrown into mailboxes situated in the Catholic Centre, which organized the Procession until 1936. The letter could only be sent from January 1st to 4th . This is how it began the tradition of giving the letter to Patge Faruk on January 1st .

From 1941 to 1948 letters were thrown into the mailboxes situated in the National Centre. Since 1949, on January 1st two heralds walked along Igualada's streets to announce the Three Wise Men speech and to collect children's letters. Until 1951 children could also throw the letters into the mailboxes. Since 1952 Patge Faruk began to collect personally each letter.

That same year, the Commission for the Three Wise Men Procession created a model for the letter. This letters were addressed to Patge Faruk and consisted of a piece of paper and an envelope with a stamp of either Patge Faruk or Their Majesties. Later on the design of the letters was constantly changed until 1983, when it was completely changed in order to make it more practical. This format lasted until 2000. Since then it has slightly changed, but always preserving the addressee: Plea to page Faruk for Their Majesties, the Three Wise Men.


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