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Joan Just Bertran’s biography

He was born in Sant Cugat de Sesgarrigues in 1897. He was educated in music in l'Esclania choir school of Montserrat for seven years. He improved his studies in music thanks to the teachers Enric Morera and Lluís Millet. In 1921 he was appointed music director in the school Santo Domingo in Orihuela. He was cofounder of the Albeniz Academy of Barcelona, where he became harmony teacher.

Professor Joan Just i Bertran (1897-1960)

In 1931 Mr. Just became the director of the Music Conservatory of Igualada's Cultural Association (Conservatori de Música de l'Ateneu Igualadí ). In 1932 he founded this entity's mixed coral society. In 1940 he founded and leaded Igualada's Local Band (Banda Municipal d'Igualada ). In 1947 he founded Igualada's Regional Studies Centre (Centre d'Estudis Comarcals d'Igualada ), where he was in charge of the musicology department. He created and leaded the Schola Cantorum and the Mixed Choir and he promoted the creation of a musical youth association. In 1950 he began to publish the first five books of a series about popular songs.

In 1953 he composed the music of Faruk's hymn. He was asked by the Commission for the Three Wise Men Procession. He is the author of many musical compositions, some of them even known abroad.

Mr. Just was a high talented musician besides having exceptional human qualities. He died in Igualada in 1960.

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